Antenna Array PCB


Antenna Array PCB

CoreHW Gen2 PCB (CHW1010-ANT1-1.0) is an antenna array consisting of eight dual polarized patch antenna elements. The antenna array PCB is intended for direction and positioning system solution providers.

CHW1010-ANT1-1.0 antenna array board contains CHW1010 SP16T Bluetooth AoA/AoD capable antenna switch for antenna controls and Bluetooth CTE sampling. The device comprises of very low phase mismatch antenna switch array which enables real high accuracy positioning.

CHW1010-ANT1-1.0 antenna boards enable system solutions which are insensitive to multi-path signals, has position accuracy down to sub 0.5 meter level and are easy, fast and cost-efficient to manufacture.

CoreHW offers AoA demo systems with CoreHW firmware and Windows PC positioning engine software with user interface (GUI). The demo system contains four CHW1010-ANT1-1.0 PCB based locators. The demo system can be used for laboratory tests and for initial testing in real use case scenarios.

Key Features

  • CoreHW Gen2 PCB antenna array (CHW1010-ANT1-1.0) for Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1 AoA and AoD direction finding systems
  • Operating frequency range: 2400-2483 MHz
  • CHW1010 SP16T Bluetooth AoA and AoD antenna switch
  • Dual polarized antenna array with eight patch antenna elements
  • Connectors for radio frequency signals and CHW1010 SP16T GPIO control signals
  • Low cost 4-layer PCB stack-up structure
  • Optimized phase balance between antenna chains
  • No need for calibrations during production
  • Firmware support and antenna models available
  • PCB dimensions: 150mm x 150mm


  • Asset tracking
  • People tracking 
  • Access control and security services
  • Proximity marketing
  • Shopping guidance and assistance
  • Equipment and facilities utilization
  • Item finding
  • Point of interest services
  • Accurate positioning and navigation systems
  • Aftermarket automotive applications
  • 2D Mapping and Wayfinding
  • Consumer behavior analysis

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