CoreHW Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and Indoor Navigation (Wayfinding)

CoreHW AoA demo system

CoreHW's Offering

Our Indoor positioning system (IPS) is designed to offer position-based services such as indoor navigation, wayfinding, and proximity marketing to a wide range of industries.

Our advanced IPS solution uses a combination of hardware and custom positioning algorithms mainly designed and optimized in-house, which allows for real-time positioning of assets and people within an indoor environment.

CoreHW’s advanced technology allows for system scalability through the simple addition of beacons without requiring extra intensive calibration.

AoD wayfinding and proximity marketing

CoreHW's IPS Capabilities

Indoor Wayfinding

Points of Interest (PoI)

Proximity Marketing


Route and Navigation

Analytics & BI

Key Benefits of CoreHW's IPS

New Insights

Indoor positioning involves understanding people's movements and interactions within indoor spaces to make data-driven decisions. Insights can support better resource allocation, leading to cost savings, efficiencies, and improved safety.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty can be achieved by providing precise indoor location services with high accuracy and minimum latency. By utilizing advanced IPS, organizations can offer their visitors an improved experience that is tailored to their needs.

Return on Investment

By leveraging this technology, organizations can unlock new opportunities to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) and stay competitive.

CoreHW's IPS Advantages

Outstanding Accuracy

CoreHW's solution enables accurate positioning down to 10 centimeters level.

Reliable Positioning

Our solution uses advanced hardware and algorithms which outperform other technologies in multipath, reflections, obstacle penetration, and interference resistance.

Very Low Latency

Our solution can track the movements of people or items in near real-time, with a delay of only tens of milliseconds. This feature is particularly useful in situations where fast and accurate tracking is crucial.

Various Architectures

Our technology offers positioning capabilities that can be deployed in various architectures, including cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premises setups.

Power-Optimized Positioning

CoreHW’s positioning system optimizes the power consumption while performing the continuous tracking.

Easy Calibration

Our system stands out for its ease of installation and calibration, as well as its compatibility with existing systems.

Components of Indoor Positioning​

demo system

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

position engine

Location Engine



angle of departure (AoD) reference design

Reference Design

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