Radiation Hardened Wideband SiGe VCOs for Ultra-Low Noise Applications

CoreVCO is a VCO chip consisting of two radiation hardened wideband SiGe VCOs (VCOPMOS and VCOBJT). Excellent phase noise performance in a wide frequency synthesis range and intrinsic radiation tolerance makes CoreVCO a trusted solution for demanding environments and applications, e.g. space applications and military communications.

Block diagram



  • Dual RadHard VCOs
  • 0.7 GHz – 6.6 GHz VCOBJT with 2 GHz Phase Noise less than -112 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz.
  • 0.9 GHz – 3.5 GHz VCOPMOS with 2 GHz Phase Noise less than –114 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz.
  • Single power supply of 5.0 V. Integrated bandgap reference and LDOs with power down mode.
  • Broadband matched RF outputs delivering +2 dBm @ 2 GHz. 6 dB output power adjustment.
  • SPI control interface. Digital calibration against temperature and process variations.
  • Current consumption less than 120 mA.
  • Small size QFN48 package 6 mm x 6 mm.


  • Satellite communications
  • Space applications
  • Microwave radios
  • Military End-Use
  • Wireless systems (GSM, WCDMA, LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth)
  • Automotive
  • Industrial