Digital ASIC Design Service

Turn Your Digital ASIC Ideas into Silicon Reality

Our Team

  • Our Digital ASIC Design Team transforms your complex challenges into success stories through end-to end
  • We specialize in design, implementation, and verification of digital ASICs, ranging from enhancement of existing IPs for power and performance improvements, to custom IP development and licensing, all the way to full turnkey packaged and tested silicon.
  • We optimize performance across digital and mixed-signal applications to achieve cost-effective and timely results.
digital ic team

Our Expertise

  • We have extensive experience in all the phases needed to design, implement, and verify state-of-the-art digital ASICs.
  • We apply a wide range of optimization techniques throughout the development flow, from architecture conceptualization to place-and-route, to deliver the best possible performance and cost for a given set of constraints.
  • We collaborate with both in-house and external analog/RF design teams. This enables us to co-design, enhance, and verify together the analog and digital parts of a mixed-signal ASIC.
digital IC asic

Our Advantages

Co-operation with Analog and RF Design Teams

We work in strong synergy with analog/RF designers, in order to deliver best-in-class integration of advanced digital functionality into complex mixed-signal ASICs.

Digital Enhancement of Analog Chips

We devise digital circuits and control systems that significantly optimize the performance of analog IPs, by exploiting the speed and low cost of integrated digital signal processing.

Comprehensive Mixed-signal Design Verification

We can verify both the analog and digital parts of a mixed-signal ASIC, thus ensuring that the complete system will fulfill its performance requirements under all conditions.

Our Services

System-level architecture and specification

RTL design

Physical implementation and DFT

Advanced IC verification

Some of Our Projects

Here is a short list of our recent projects.

Some of Our Tools

CoreHW tools and equipments

In-house tools

Our design flow is enhanced with in-house tools to improve overall productivity and quality.

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