Automotive Market

CoreHW is an IC design company and an international key player in many of the research areas including automotive industry. This makes us a reliable development partner for the automotive industry companies.

We offer a portfolio of automotive technologies including 5G, mmwave radar and sensor applications in passenger cars and other vehicles. 

Our offers include: 

  • Custom ASIC development
  • Tested components

Radio Technology Development

We design transceiver for a wide variety of frequencies. Our teams have decades of experience in research and innovation on all different generations of wireless technology from 2G, 3G, 4G, and beyond 5G.

Power Management

CoreHW is a provider of power management integrated circuits (PMICs) for automotive applications. 

power management


Our portfolio of highly accurate sensors enable higher vehicle performance and efficiency. we offer senors for: 

  • temperature sensors
  • battery management systems
  • brake systems
  • sensors for body and cabin

Radar Sensors

Radar systems constantly observe a vehicle’s surrounding for obstacles in real-time for a driving efficiency and higher safety. CoreHW offers highly integrated automotive radar transceiver. 

Radar Sensors

Vehicle Keyless Entry

Accurate Bluetooth® positioning equipment opens new opportunities in keyless unlock systems. Sensors around the vehicle recognize the presence of the car owner (key fob) within a range of a few meters. Therefore, locking and unlocking a car can be conveniently hands-free.
Keyless Entry


CoreHW GNSS LNA comprises both a Chip Antenna (Core-Cap) and LNA. It will boost GNSS performance for accuracy and faster fix times.