CoreHW Locator


Evaluation Kit Locator-Gen2

The CHW1010-LOCN2-1.0 locator is an evaluation kit locator device intended for developing indoor positioning systems based on Bluetooth® AoA technology. This locator incorporates CoreHW ANT1 AoA antenna array board and CoreHW IPS Main Board. The ANT1 antenna array board features 8 dual linear polarized patch antennas and the CoreHW CHW1010 SP16T antenna switch, which can be employed to control and sample RF signals for Bluetooth® AoA and AoD technology.

CoreHW IPS Main Board is equipped with Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 SoC, which controls CoreHW 1010 antenna switch and performs I/Q-sampling of packets sent by tags. The main board also contains ST Microelectronics STM32 MCU, which executes CoreHW proprietary angle estimation algorithm to calculate 2D (Azimuth & Elevation) estimates for tags. The calculated angle data can then be conveyed for further processing on positioning system through interfaces such as Ethernet, USB (virtual serial port), HW UART, or SPI.

CoreHW offers an AoA demo system complete with CoreHW firmware and Windows PC positioning engine software, including a user interface (GUI). This system encompasses four Gen 2 locators and is suitable for both laboratory tests and preliminary evaluations in real-world use case scenarios.

locator and beacon

Key Benefits

High Accuracy​

Highly accurate azimuth and elevation angle estimates offer precision within 0.1-0.5m range for Bluetooth® Low Energy positioning systems.

Cost Effective​

Low device, system and installation costs

Low Power​ Consumption 

Lower energy consumption

Flexible Integration

Easy adaption to customer applications

Broad Applications

Suitable for indoor and outdoor location applications

Key Features

  • Physical Locator
  • Operating frequency range : 2400-2483 MHz
  • CHW1010-ANT1-1.0 AoA antenna array board
    o CoreHW CHW1010 SP16T antenna switch
  • Locator assembly dimensions 193mm x 193mm x 49mm
  • CoreHW IPS Main Board
    • Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 SoC
    • Max. +8dBm conducted output power
    • ST Microelectronics STM32H7 MCU
    • Ethernet, Micro-USB, and HW-UART interfaces for configuration and angle data or I/Q data
    • SPI interface for angle data
    • 5V DC input
    • SWD Debug interfaces for nRF52833 and STM32 (Requires sepatate nRF/Segger J-Linkand ST-LINKv3 debuggers)


  • Radio direction finding

  • Real time location systems (RTLS)

System Parts

  • CHW1010 SP16T antenna switch 
  • CHW1010-ANT1-1.0 antenna array with 8 dual linear polarized antennas
  • SoC for antenna controls and IQ sampling
  • Microprocessor for angle calculations
  • Ethernet, Micro-USB, and HW-UART interfaces for configuration and angle or I/Q data
  • SPI interface for angle data
  • Locator assembly dimensions 193mm x 193mm x 49mm
  • Reference designs system with four locators, positioning algorithms and user interface available.
  • Custom development service

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