AoA locators and AoD beacons 

A portfolio of AoA locators and AoD beacons 

Reference Design Locator-Gen1

The CoreHW reference design locator (CHW1010-EVKN1-1.0) is developed for developing indoor positioning systems.

It includes the CHW1010-ANT1-1.0 AoA antenna array board and the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 development kit board. The antenna array board features eight dual linear polarized patch antennas and the CoreHW CHW1010 SP16T antenna switch, which is capable of controlling and sampling RF signals for Bluetooth® AoA and AoD technology.

Multiple locators can be connected to a PC via USB and employed with CoreHW’s Demo PC software to achieve highly accurate indoor positioning, cost-effectiveness, and low power consumption.

Loc1 locator
aod and aod locator

Reference Design Locator-Gen2

The CoreHW reference design CHW1010-EVKN2-1.0 locator is an indoor location system device with high accuracy azimuth and elevation angle estimates for positioning systems.

It includes CoreHW ANT1 antenna array board with 8 dual linear polarized patch antennas and a CoreHW IPS Main Board with Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 SoC and ST Microelectronics STM32 MCU. Its key benefits include low device, system, and installation costs, and lower energy consumption.

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