CoreHW AoA Evaluation Kit

A portfolio of direction finding and indoor location evaluation kits

AoA kit for Indoor Location and Tracking

CoreHW provides evaluation kits to a range of industries, enabling them to develop indoor location systems for enhanced location-based applications based on Bluetooth® Angle of Arrival (AoA) technology.

Our reference designs (demo kits) are intended for testing, demonstrating the system’s capabilities, project pilots, and evaluation of our real-time locating system with 10-centimeter-level accuracy.

AoA measurement is enabled by CoreHW firmware in the tags and locators, with Ethernet interface connecting locators to a Windows PC with the position engine software and GUI (graphical user interface).

What's in the AoA Demo Kit Box (CHW1010-EVKN2)?

Angle of Arrival (AoA) demo kit (EVKN2) for RTLS
CHW1010-LOCN2-1.0 locators Ethernet router
Four locator mount plates Ethernet switch
Four locator power cables Ethernet cables: 4 x 20m, 1 x 5m, 1 x 2m, 1 x 1m
Two CoreHW Gen2 Tags (without CR2032 batteries) Cable ties and cable tie holders
Two 0.5m USB A – micro USB cables PC software on a USB Stick
4-port USB Hub User guides on a USB Stick
Firmware support

How Does our AoA Evaluation Kit Work?

Angle of Arrival (AoA) demo system

The CoreHW Indoor Positioning system is composed of locators (anchors), tags, positioning engine, firmware, and a graphical user interface (GUI). Tags communicate with the locators, which are placed throughout the tracking area.

A special direction finding signal is transmitted by the tracked tag using a single antenna. The locators, with multiple antennas (an antenna array), receive the direction finding signal.

As multiple locators are utilized, the angle of arrival from various locators can be employed to determine the location of tags. The position engine then runs an algorithm that uses the data captured by each locator to determine the 3D location of tagged assets.

CoreHW's AoA Evaluation Kits

EVKN2 indoor location aoa angle of arrrival demo kit


The AoA evaluation kit (CHW1010-EVKN2-1.0) is a hardware and software solution that enables evaluation and testing of the indoor location system utilizing the CoreHW SP16T AoA and AoD Antenna Switch and Board. It can support laboratory tests and initial testing in real use case scenarios to aid in the development of locator products and final end-to-end RTLS solutions.

corehw aoa EVKN5


CoreHW's AoA evaluation kit (CHW1010-EVKN5-1.0) enables indoor positioning accuracy testing and evaluation for developing Bluetooth AoA technology in challenging real-world environments. It includes CoreHW Gen3 locators and tags with AoA antenna array boards and IPS Main Boards for reliable performance in reflective multipath conditions.

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