Chip Products

RF Switches (CHW10x0)

Our unique RF Switches optimized for indoor positioning enable Bluetooth® devices to determine the direction of a Bluetooth® signal transmission with a high direction-finding accuracy needed especially for Bluetooth® 5.1 Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) indoor positioning feature.

2.4 GHz FE (CHW30x0 )

CoreHW CHW30x0 is a chip product family targeted for For Bluetooth®, Zigbee, Thread and 2.4GHz ISM bands. CoreHW 2.4GHz FE family provides a high-efficient PA and a LNA functioning. It also contains Chip Antenna (CoreCap) with superior antenna efficiency, tolerances and temperature stability. It is designed for e.g. wireless audio, trackers, smart home, access points/gateways, asset management and process industry.

GNSS Active Antenna (CHW20x0 )

CoreHW CHW20x0 is a chip product family targeted for positioning with satellite technologies. CoreHW GNSS LNA family comprises both a Chip Antenna (CoreCap) and a LNA. CHW20x0 will boost GNSS performance for accuracy and faster fix times. It is designed for e.g. IoT and locating devices, smart watches and security bracelets, personal navigation devices and gadgets, imaging, video and measuring instruments and anti-theft and telematics services.

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