Antenna Modules

A portfolio of direction finding antenna modules in multiple form factors, in 2400-2483 MHz frequency range.


The CHW1010-ANT1-1.0 is an antenna array with eight dual-polarized patch antenna elements designed for direction finding and positioning system solutions. It contains a CHW1010 SP16T capable antenna switch, which can be used to control and sample RF signal for Bluetooth® AoA and AoD technology. This antenna board enables highly accurate and cost-efficient development of positioning systems with a sub-50cm-level of accuracy and insensitivity to multi-path signals.
CHW1010-ANT1-1.0 antantenna module
CoreHW CHW1010-ANT2 antenna module


The CoreHW CHW1010-ANT2 is a high-precision antenna module featuring 16 patch antenna elements, designed for direction finding and positioning systems. It includes a CHW1010 SP16T antenna switch, capable of controlling and sampling RF signals for Bluetooth® AoA and AoD technology, enabling highly precise positioning accuracy down to 10 centimeters (about 4 in). This module is ideal for applications such as asset tracking, access control, and people tracking.


The CHW1010-ANT3-1.0 is a compact antenna module with four patch antenna elements, designed for direction finding and positioning system providers. It includes a low phase mismatch antenna switch array for accurate positioning. The module is insensitive to multipath signals and has high position accuracy of sub-50-cm.

CHW1010-ANT3-1.0 antenna module

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