Indoor Location System for Smart Warehousing

CoreHW Indoor Location Offering for Warehousing

CoreHW provides Indoor Location Systems (ILS) to track industrial assets, automate inventory handling, and optimize logistics processes. Our solutions enhance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems by providing real-time location information of goods, assets, forklifts, and people, leading to improved ROI, risk mitigation, and process optimization.

warehouse logistics

System Capabilities in Logistics

tagged employee

Track Employee Location

tagged forklift

Fleet Management

warehouse material flow

Material Flow Optimization

warehouse collision

Collision Avoidance

access control

Access Level Control

warehouse fire emergency

Emergency Response

Key Benefits of CoreHW's ILS

New Insights

Real-time location data can identify inefficiencies and optimize space and resources. This leads to identifying bottlenecks, and identifying areas for improvement.

Customer Satisfaction

Improved accuracy and efficiency can lead to faster and more reliable order fulfillment, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Return on Investment

By improving accuracy, efficiency, and productivity, the system can help reduce operating costs, and increase revenue within a relatively short period.

Reduced Risk

It can help mitigate risks associated with manual handling and transportation of goods, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

How CoreHW's Solution Works

aoa demo system

CoreHW’s Indoor Location System offering consists of locators, tags, position engine, firmware, and a user interface. The mobile tags use direction finding technology to communicate with the anchors, which are distributed throughout the tracking area.

A special direction finding signal transmitted by the tag being tracked is received by the locator device with multiple antennas. The data from multiple locators are used to calculate the location of the tags in 3D, utilizing an algorithm in the position engine. Then, the system’s graphical user interface (GUI) or customer application can display the accurate location of the tracked asset.

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