RTLS for Smart Retail

CoreHW Offer for Retailers

With CoreHW’s solution, you can create a comprehensive a Real-time locating system (RTLS) that motivates customers to step into your physical retail store and enjoy a personalized shopping experience.

CoreHW offers solutions for both tracking and wayfinding applications in the retail industry, utilizing both Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) methods. Our team works closely with customers to select the best enhanced location-based services for their specific retail needs, providing comprehensive solutions for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Our RTLS system provides continuous tracking while consuming significantly less power and battery compared to other technologies such as UWB that have lower tracking capabilities.

System Capabilities Examples in Retail

Data-based Insights

Indoor data analytics maximizes store’s digital potential through traffic analysis and heatmaps. Leverage the insights from these heatmaps to strategically optimize merchandise displays and sales strategies for maximum effectiveness.

It helps to monitor in-store traffic patterns and design customer-centric layouts that enhance the shopping experience, resulting in increased profits.


In-store Navigation

Enhance the shopping experience with a map and optimized routing accessible on shoppers’ devices, allowing them to fulfill their shopping more efficiently. It provides shoppers with the fastest and easiest route to their desired destinations, eliminating confusion and delays.

The visitors also can bookmark their car location and easily trace their path back. Additionally, it supports shoppers with mobility issues to access the routes, elevators, and other facilities for a more inclusive shopping experience.

Indoor Navigation

Location Based Services

Enhance the overall experience and increase shoppers’ basket size by providing personalized offers to help them select the most suitable products for their needs. The location-based promotions can be specifically tailored to shoppers’ interests, resulting in higher sales or engagement.

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Mobile User Tracking

In a mall or retail setting, leverage mobile user tracking to enhance security and crowd control by monitoring shoppers movement. Send immediate notifications with exit directions in case of emergencies, ensuring the safety of shoppers and staff. Utilize smart bracelets or other tracking methods to monitor the location of children or vulnerable individuals, providing an added layer of safety and peace of mind for shoppers and their families.

indoor emergency

Item Tracking

Efficiently manage and track physical assets with a comprehensive asset tracking system. Gain real-time visibility into the location, status, and other important information of assets, allowing for quick and easy asset retrieval whenever needed. With an RTLS in place, asset tracking can be conducted with fewer resources, time, and efforts.

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Key Features of CoreHW's IPS

Spot-on Accuracy

Achieve superior performance at 10-cm-level accuracy for indoor experiences.

A Scalable Solution

The CoreHW system can be easily scaled up to accommodate different environments and needs.

A Patented Technology

Our patented chip antenna (CoreCap) sets us apart as a leader in providing accurate RTLS technology.

Cost Effective

Our solution provides a strong ROI through energy savings, increased shoppers’ basket sizes, and improved operations.

Easy Calibration

One of the key advantages of our real-time location system is its ease of installation and calibration.

Continuous Tracking

CoreHW’s RTLS system enables continuous tracking of tags with extremely lower power consumption compared to UWB and other technologies.

How CoreHW Indoor location Works

corehw RTLS offer for retail, grocery, supermarkets, and shopping malls

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