Design Services

Design high performing products and stay ahead of the competition.

Wireless solutions for versatile applications

The increasing use of semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) in electronics has increased the demand for custom IC solutions, as they provide real cost and size savings. New semiconductor process nodes make it possible to create customized wireless products.

By relying on decades of experience in IC design, we have developed RF and mm-wave IC design, as well as an outstanding design and verification process. Using our unique one spin silicon round process, we are able to reduce the number of design iteration rounds and manage risks better. We offer design service solutions including: 

Flexible business models and project execution options

Our longstanding expertise enables us to be very flexible when it comes to project execution methods. Projects and deliverables can, for example, consist of a complete project from idea to specification compliant solution, or parts of the project. We deliver same top quality and maintain good interaction with you every time regardless of location.

Project Management

  • Complete project 
  • Parts of the project


  • CoreHW tools
  • Client tools


  • Fixed price
  • Non-recurring engineering (NRE)
  • Time- and material-based

Our design process mitigates your unwanted risks

Your one-stop custom ASIC solution partner

Developed and ready RF and mm-wave IC design

Unique structured design and verification processes

Less iteration rounds and better managed risks

Our service solutions

We have decades of experience in IC design. By relying on our experiences, we have developed RF and mm-wave IC design, unique design and verification processes. Unique one spin silicon round process enabling less iteration rounds and minimized risks, and other innovations such as our high performance synthesizer.

  1. Top level
    • Floorplanning, padrings, routing, package design, verifications
    • Calibrations, BIST
  2. RF Front End
    • LNAs, PAs, mixers, modulators, antenna switches, filters
  3. RX & TX paths
    • Analog & mixed-signal blocks
  4. Powering & biasing
    • Bandgaps, regulators, current/voltage biases
    • DC-DC converters
  5. Frequency synthesis
    • PLLs, VCOs, crystal oscillators
  6. Data converters
    • AD/DA converters
  7. Layout
    • Down to 16nm
  8. Tools
    • Cadence: RF, Analog and Digital
    • Synopsys: RF, Analog and Digital
    • Keysight Momentum: Electro Magnetics, RF
    • Matlab/Simulink: System, Lab, Demo system
    • CST: Antenna, package and PCB
    • Altium Designer: PCB
    • Simplis: SMPS behavioral modeling
    • CoreHW: Proprietary tools for PA, PLL, etc. designs
    • Mentor
    • Momentum
    • HFSS
    • Helic
  9. Process technologies:
    • FD-SOI: 22nm
    • CMOS: 16,40,55,180nm
    • CMOS BCD: 130nm, 180nm
    • RF SOI: 8SW, 130RF, 45RF
    • SiGe: 5PAX, 8XP
    • GaAs: F4S, 5D
  10. Foundries: GF, TSMC, IHP, STM, XFAB, VTT, MAS

Our experts have developed successfully RF system architectures for several radio system standards. We help our customers to find best solution for system and circuit architecture.

  1. Concept design
  2. Product definition
  3. Pinout and routing
  4. Architecture definition
    • Block diagrams
    • Performance partitioning
  5. System modeling
    • Simulations and spreadsheets
  6. Frequency synthesis
    • PLLs, VCOs, crystal oscillators
  7. Specifications
  8. Tools
    • Matlab/Simulink
    • Cadence

We have capability to develop and test complete RF system solutions and modules. Our team has extensive experience on handset and base station RF product design.

  1. Antennas
  2. 3D simulations
  3. Prototype testing
  4.  RF/HW
    • Electronic design
    • Schematic, layout and build
  5. FirmWare
    • Low-level software
    • RF control
    • System protocols
  6. Frequency synthesis
    • PLLs, VCOs, crystal oscillators
  7. Tools
    • CST: Antenna, package and PCB
    • HFSS

By using our automated IC laboratory, we are able to characterize and verify all the ICs that we design.