RF and mmWave IC Design

Cutting-edge semiconductor solutions for RF and mmWave electronics

CoreHW’s expertise in RF and millimeter-wave technology spans the entire frequency range from DC to 80GHz and beyond. RFIC typically covers 1-7 GHz frequencies, and mmWave spectrum starts at around 28 GHz.

CoreHW maintains a substantial and committed team of RFIC design specialists who are highly skilled in developing and testing complete RF system solutions and modules. 

We have extensive experience in RF product system design, including characterization and high-volume production. We utilize advanced laboratory equipment to ensure quality. Our commitment is to offer the best support for developing optimal, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Design Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in RF, mmWave and transceiver technologies across various semiconductor standards and processes. We offer the full range of silicone proven IPs, such as high-performance PLLs, VCOs, amplifiers, mixers, beamformers, and buffers, covering frequencies from DC to 80 GHz, and beyond.

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Full Range of Radio Frequency Expertise

We have an extensive expertise across a full spectrum of radio frequency, including LNAs, PAs, mixers, oscillators, buffers, modulators, antenna switches, filters, ADCs, DACs, and more. Our proficiency in employing various radio architectures enables us to serve diverse applications, such as wireless communication, IoT, and radar systems.

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High-Performance IP Library

CoreHW’s extensive library of RF IPs includes a variety of specialized blocks such as mixers, amplifiers, and oscillators, allowing us for rapid integration of proven components into custom designs.

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End-to-End Solution

CoreHW provides a full-service solution across all design stages, including feasibility studies, circuit design, layout, verification, tape-out assistance, characterization, and qualification support. This approach optimizes development, ensuring seamless integration and quicker time-to-market.

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Accelerating AI Applications Using Analog In-Memory Computing

Nowadays, conventional computational architectures in AI applications face significant limitations in handling data-intensive tasks, with constraints on throughput and energy efficiency.

Given the rapid data expansion, widespread 5G and IoT connectivity, and the increasing need for high-performance chips for real-time analytics, there exists no more efficient solution than utilizing In-Memory Computing (IMC) methods.

Our expertise enables us to design and create cutting-edge, energy-efficient, low-latency, and budget-conscious analog IMC architectures that effectively tackle power and memory constraints in data processing and AI applications.

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Advantages of CoreHW RF IC Design Service

Low Power Consumption

Efficient energy utilization for prolonged device battery life.

Compact Size

Space-efficient designs suitable for small devices without compromising performance.

Frequency range

RF IC design services covering a wide frequency range from DC to 80 GHz and beyond.

High Performance

Optimized designs, ensuring reliable signal quality and efficient data transmission.

Turnkey Solutions

From concept to volume production.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring excellence in every design.ISO 9001 certification.

System Design Expertise

Optimized performance and seamless integration.


Leveraging our system design expertise for cost-effective solutions.

ASIC Design

Custom-made ASIC

Custom ASICs integrate tailored components, providing superior performance, accuracy, power efficiency, and size optimization. They are essential for critical circuits, meeting specific requirements, and offering a customer-centric design approach.

We provide direction and a business feasibility study to align integrated solutions with your needs and recommend suitable ASIC types, emphasizing system and technology architecture.

Examples of Our Expertise in RF and mmWave FE

Enhance Bluetooth signal coverage with an extender featuring dual SP2T switches for flexible signal routing, an LNA improving sensitivity, and an SPI interface for control.

A versatile wireless amplification module designed for IoT wireless applications. It operates across two frequency bands, offering a powerful output with load insensitivity, superior linearity, efficiency, and minimal harmonics.

We specialize in designing versatile mmWave IP for automotive radar in the 76-81GHz range, including PA and LNA components, prioritizing peak power for radar performance.

Our design expertise covers both Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E technologies. The versatile Wi-Fi 6 Signal Enhancement Module optimizes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 6 applications, enhancing signal quality and performance. The WiFi-6E design offers high performance for 5-7GHz systems with impressive power output, linearity, and efficiency across the whole 2GHz bandwidth. Our capabilities extend to future innovations like Wi-Fi 7 and beyond.

Complete mmWave transceiver design IPs for the 22-100GHz frequency range, including PAs, LNAs, phase shifters, and mixers.

Some of Our Tools

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