CoreHW IP solutions are designed to enable savings in board area, component count and power consumption, resulting in more cost-effective end-products.

CoreHW IP solutions are designed to enable savings in board area, component count and power consumption, resulting in more cost-effective end-products.

Our design process offers you better managed risks

The most expensive issue in custom silicon development is often unwanted, excessive silicon spins. Development of RF IP deal with high power, high frequencies and non-linearity, making predictability challenging. By using CoreHW silicon verified IP, you can take a safer route to your targets.

We support you in the IP integration, verification, productization and possible customization. Both black box and white box models are available.

We produce solutions for:

  • RF and RF Front End
  • Analog/Mixed-Signal
  • Ultra-low power
  • IoT wireless
  • Sensor interface
  • Transceivers
    • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
    • Wi-Fi, BT
    • GPS, GNSS

Available IP

NameProcessTypeDescriptionMaturity / Status
CoreWiFiRXFEGF22 GF22CHIPReceiver for Wi-Fi Front-endPre-Silicon
CoreRXWiFi2G41AGF22 GF22RXWifi Receiver, 2402-2480 MHzPre-Silicon
CoreLNANF31AGF22 GF22LNALow-Noise Amplifier (Single-ended cascode)Pre-Silicon
CoreMIX2G41AGF22 GF22MIXRF Passive Mixer+TIAPre-Silicon
CoreOTA2G41AGF22 GF22OTARF Transconductance AmplifierPre-Silicon
CoreMIXQUA2G41AGF22 GF22MIXRF Switching QuadPre-Silicon
CoreAUX1AGF22 GF22AUX25 % duty cycle generatorPre-Silicon
CoreTIA50M1AGF22 GF22TIATransimpedance Amplifier, BW=50MHzPre-Silicon
CoreDETPK1AGF22 GF22DETDetector for RSSIPre-Silicon
CoreCMP1AGF22 GF22CMPComparator for RSSIPre-Silicon
CoreMIXLIN2G41AGF22 GF22MIXPA High-Linearity MixerPre-Silicon
CorePLL6GGF40 GF40CHIPCorePLL: High-Performance Synthesizers, 12GHzSilicon Verified
CorePLLRF3VCO1AGF40 GF40PLLHigh-Performance RFPLL with 3 VCOs from 7GHz to 12GHzSilicon Verified
CorePLLCLK1VCO1AGF40 GF40PLLHigh-Performance CLKPLL with 1 VCO from 10GHz to 12GHzSilicon Verified
CoreBGEXT1V21AGF40 GF40BGVoltage Reference with Cext Option, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO39m1V21AGF40 GF40LDOLow-Noise Regulator, Tunable, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreVCO7G1AGF40 GF40VCOVCO1, Fcenter 7GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO10G1AGF40 GF40VCOVCO2, Fcenter 10GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO12G1AGF40 GF40VCOVCO3, Fcenter 12GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDETPK12G1AGF40 GF40DETAmplitude Detector, Ouput 2bitsSilicon Verified
CoreMUXRF3to11AGF40 GF40MUXRF Multiplexer, Differential, 3to1Silicon Verified
CoreBUFEXT12G1AGF40 GF40BUFRF Buffer, Fmax 12GHz, External driveSilicon Verified
CoreBUFINT12G1AGF40 GF40BUFRF Buffer, Fmax 12GHz , Internal DriveSilicon Verified
CoreDIV212G1AGF40 GF40DIVDivide-By-Two, up to 12GHz, Programmable Direct / Div-By-2 Modes, up to 12GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDIVN3G1AGF40 GF40DIVDivide-by-N, up to 3GHz, Programmanble Division NumberSilicon Verified
CoreD2S12G1AGF40 GF40D2SRF Slicer, Differential to Single-Ended, up to 12GHzSilicon Verified
CoreSYNC12G1AGF40 GF40SYNCSynchronizer, up to 12GHzSilicon Verified
CoreD2S500M1AGF40 GF40D2SReference Slicer, Differential to Single-EndedSilicon Verified
CorePD250M1AGF40 GF40PDPhase Detector, Up to 250MHzSilicon Verified
CoreCP1AGF40 GF40CPCharge Pump, tunableSilicon Verified
CoreLPF200k1AGF40 GF40LPFLoop Filter, Tunable BandWidth, Embedded 10bit ADC/DAC, Lbw=200kHzSilicon Verified
CoreDACRES10b1AGF40 GF40DACResistive DAC, 10bSilicon Verified
CoreADC10bSAR1AGF40 GF40ADCSAR ADC with RDAC, 10bSilicon Verified
CoreTSENS1AGF40 GF40TSENSTemperature Sensor, voltage outputSilicon Verified
CoreOPAR2R1AGF40 GF40OPARail-To-Rail Operational AmplifierSilicon Verified
CoreOPABUF1AGF40 GF40OPAOperational Amplifier for output bufferingSilicon Verified
CoreCNT8b6G1AGF40 GF40CNTRF Counter, 8bSilicon Verified
CorePLLCAGF55 GF55CHIPCorePLL: High-Performance CA Synthesizers for 4G(LTE) with Carrier Aggregation (CA Rel11, Rel12) & 2G(GSM)Silicon Verified
CorePLLRF1VCO1AGF55 GF55PLLHigh-Performance RFPLL with Wide-Tuning VCO (Fmid=6GHz)Silicon Verified
CorePLLRF2VCO1AGF55 GF55PLLHigh-Performance RFPLL with Wide-Tuning VCO (Fmid=6GHz) + GSM VCO (Fmid=7.2GHz)Silicon Verified
CoreBGEXT1V21AGF55 GF55BGVoltage Reference with Cext Option, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO51V21AGF55 GF55LDOLow-Noise Regulator, 5mA, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO401V21AGF55 GF55LDOLow-Noise Regulator, 40mA, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO151V21AGF55 GF55LDOLow-Noise Regulator, 15mA, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreVCO6G1AGF55 GF55VCOVCO1, Wide-Tuning, Fcenter=6GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO7G1AGF55 GF55VCOVCO2, High-Q, Fcenter=7.2GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDETPK1AGF55 GF55DETAmplitude Detector, Output 2bitsSilicon Verified
CoreBUFINT8G1AGF55 GF55BUFRF Buffer, CMOS, Push-Pull, Fmax 8GHz, for Internal DriveSilicon Verified
CoreMUXRF4to21AGF55 GF55MUXRF Multiplexer, Differential, 4to2Silicon Verified
CoreBUFEXT8G1AGF55 GF55BUFRF Buffer, CMOS, Push-Pull, Fmax 8GHz, for External DriveSilicon Verified
CoreDIV28G1AGF55 GF55DIVDivide-By-Two, CMOS, up to 8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDIV38G1AGF55 GF55DIVDivide-By-Three, CMOS, up to 8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDIV2IQ8G1AGF55 GF55DIVDivide-By-Two IQ, CMOS, up to 8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDIV4IQ8G1AGF55 GF55DIVDivide-By-Four IQ, CMOS, up to 8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreD2S8G1AGF55 GF55D2SRF Slicer, Differential to Single-Ended, up to 8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDIVPR8G1AGF55 GF55DIVRF Pre-Divider, Control from Digital Logic, up to 8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreSYNC6G1AGF55 GF55SYNCSynchronizer, up to 6GHzSilicon Verified
CoreD2S500M1AGF55 GF55D2SReference Slicer, Differential to Single-EndedSilicon Verified
CorePD52M1AGF55 GF55PDPhase Detector, Up to 52MHzSilicon Verified
CoreCP1AGF55 GF55CPCharge Pump, tunableSilicon Verified
CoreLPF200k1AGF55 GF55LPFLoop Filter, Tunable BW, Embedded 5bit ADC/DAC, Loop BW=200kHzSilicon Verified
CoreDACRES5b1AGF55 GF55DACResistive DAC, 5bSilicon Verified
CoreADC5bSAR1AGF55 GF55ADCSAR ADC with RDAC, 5bSilicon Verified
CoreCNT16b6G1AGF55 GF55CNTRF Counter, 16bSilicon Verified
CorePLL10GSTM65 STM65CHIPCorePLL: High-Performance Synthesizers, 10GHzPre-Silicon
CorePLLRF1VCO1ASTM65 STM65PLLHigh-Performance RFPLL with Wide-Tuning VCO (Fmid=6GHz)Pre-Silicon
CorePLLRF2VCO1ASTM65 STM65PLLHigh-Performance RFPLL with Wide-Tuning VCO (Fmid=6GHz) + GSM VCO (Fmid=7.2GHz)Pre-Silicon
CoreBGEXT1V21ASTM65 STM65BGVoltage Reference with Cext Option, 1.2VPre-Silicon
CoreLDO51V21ASTM65 STM65LDOLow-Noise Regulator, NMOS, By-Pass Mode, 5mA, 1.2VPre-Silicon
CoreLDO401V21ASTM65 STM65LDOLow-Noise Regulator, NMOS, By-Pass Mode, 40mA, 1.2VPre-Silicon
CoreLDO151V21ASTM65 STM65LDOLow-Noise Regulator, NMOS, By-Pass Mode, 15mA, 1.2VPre-Silicon
CoreVCO6G1ASTM65 STM65VCOVCO1, Wide-Tuning, Fcenter=6GHzPre-Silicon
CoreVCO7G1ASTM65 STM65VCOVCO2, High-Q, Fcenter=7.2GHzPre-Silicon
CoreDETPK1ASTM65 STM65DETAmplitude Detector, Ouput 2bitsPre-Silicon
CoreBUFINT8G1ASTM65 STM65BUFRF Buffer, CMOS, Push-Pull, Fmax 8GHz, for Internal drivePre-Silicon
CoreMUXRF4to21ASTM65 STM65MUXRF Multiplexer, Differential, 4to2Pre-Silicon
CoreBUFEXT8G1ASTM65 STM65BUFRF Buffer, CMOS, Push-Pull, Fmax 8GHz, for External DrivePre-Silicon
CoreDIV28G1ASTM65 STM65DIVDivide-By-Two, CMOS, up to 8GHzPre-Silicon
CoreDIV38G1ASTM65 STM65DIVDivide-By-Three, CMOS, up to 8GHzPre-Silicon
CoreDIV2IQ8G1ASTM65 STM65DIVDivide-By-Two IQ, CMOS, up to 8GHzPre-Silicon
CoreDIV4IQ8G1ASTM65 STM65DIVDivide-By-Four IQ, CMOS, up to 8GHzPre-Silicon
CoreD2S8G1ASTM65 STM65D2SRF Slicer, Differential to Single-Ended, up to 8GHzPre-Silicon
CoreDIVPRE8G1ASTM65 STM65DIVRF Pre-Divider, Control from Digital Logic, up to 8GHzPre-Silicon
CoreSYNC6G1ASTM65 STM65SYNCSynchronizer, up to 6GHzPre-Silicon
CoreD2S500M1ASTM65 STM65D2SReference Slicer, Differential to Single-EndedPre-Silicon
CorePD52M1ASTM65 STM65PDPhase Detector, Up to 52MHzPre-Silicon
CoreCP1ASTM65 STM65CPCharge Pump, tunablePre-Silicon
CoreLPF200k1ASTM65 STM65LPFLoop Filter, Tunable BW, Embedded 5bit ADC/DAC, Loop BW=200kHzPre-Silicon
CoreDACRES5b1ASTM65 STM65DACResistive DAC, 5bPre-Silicon
CoreADC5bSAR1ASTM65 STM65ADCSAR ADC with RDAC, 5bPre-Silicon
CoreCNT16b6G1ASTM65 STM65CNTRF Counter, 16bPre-Silicon
CoreFERFGF130SOI GF130SOICHIPCoreFE: RF Front-EndSilicon Verified
CoreBG1V21AGF130SOI GF130SOIBGVoltage Reference, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO102V01AGF130SOI GF130SOILDORegulator, Tunable, 10mA, 2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO102V01BGF130SOI GF130SOILDORegulator, Tunable, 10mA, 2VSilicon Verified
CoreBIASI500u1AGF130SOI GF130SOIBIASConstant-Gm biasSilicon Verified
CoreDETPA1AGF130SOI GF130SOIDETPA detectorSilicon Verified
CoreAMPPA2G4201AGF130SOI GF130SOIAMPPower amplifier, 2.4GHzSilicon Verified
CoreSWSP2T2G51AGF130SOI GF130SOISWSwitch SP2T, 2.5GHzSilicon Verified
CorePOR7u1AGF130SOI GF130SOIPORPower On ResetSilicon Verified
CoreOSC250M1AGF130SOI GF130SOIOSCRing oscillator, 100-400MHzSilicon Verified
CoreCP200u1AGF130SOI GF130SOICPCharge Pump, tunableSilicon Verified
CoreLNANF21AGF130SOI GF130SOILNALow Noise Amplifier, 2.36GHz-2.5GHzSilicon Verified
CoreIFSPI1AGF130SOI GF130SOIIFSPI and EfuseSilicon Verified
CoreSWEFUSE19m1AGF130SOI GF130SOISWEfuse SwitchSilicon Verified
CoreMUXDC16to11AGF130SOI GF130SOIMUXTestmux 4bitSilicon Verified
CoreFILLPF2G41AGF130SOI GF130SOIFILHarmonic filter -42dBm, 2.4GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDECTH3b1AGF130SOI GF130SOIDECBinary to Thermocoder, 3bitSilicon Verified
CoreDECTH4b1AGF130SOI GF130SOIDECBinary to Thermocoder, 4bitSilicon Verified
CoreDECTH5b1AGF130SOI GF130SOIDECBinary to Thermocoder, 5bitSilicon Verified
CoreDECOH2b1AGF130SOI GF130SOIDECBinary to One-hot coder, 2bitSilicon Verified
CoreDECOH3b1AGF130SOI GF130SOIDECBinary to One-hot coder, 3bitSilicon Verified
CoreDECOH4b1AGF130SOI GF130SOIDECBinary to One-hot coder, 4bitSilicon Verified
CoreOPAS1AGF130SOI GF130SOIOPAOperational amplifierSilicon Verified
CoreOPA1AGF130SOI GF130SOIOPAOperational amplifierSilicon Verified
CoreLSL2H1AGF130SOI GF130SOILSLevel shifter low to highSilicon Verified
CoreLSDPN1AGF130SOI GF130SOILSLevel shifterSilicon Verified
CoreSW16TGF130SOI GF130SOICHIPCoreSW16T: SP16T RF Switch for 2.4GHzSilicon Verified
CoreSWSP4T2G41AGF130SOI GF130SOISWSP4T RF switchSilicon Verified
CoreSWSPST1AGF130SOI GF130SOISWSPST RF switchSilicon Verified
CoreOSC400M1AGF130SOI GF130SOIOSCRing oscillator, 100-400MHzSilicon Verified
CoreSSUSSU1AGF130SOI GF130SOISSUProgrammable RF attennuatorSilicon Verified
CoreLTEFEGF130SOI GF130SOICHIPCoreLTEFE: RF Front-End for LTE mid-band applicationSilicon Verified
CoreAMPPA1G81AGF130SOI GF130SOIAMPPower amplifier, 1.8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreLNAGNSS1AGF130SOI GF130SOILNALow noise amplifier for GNSSSilicon Verified
CorePROCPROC1AGF130SOI GF130SOIPROCProcess monitorSilicon Verified
CoreSWSP4T1AGF130SOI GF130SOISWSP4T RF switchSilicon Verified
CoreBGEXT1V21AXH180 XH180BGVoltage Reference with Cext Option, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO103V01AXH180 XH180LDORegulator, Tunable, 10mA, 3VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO303V01AXH180 XH180LDORegulator, Tunable, 30mA, 3VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO101V81AXH180 XH180LDORegulator, Tunable, 10mA, 1.8VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO10PG1AXH180 XH180LDORegulator, Tunable, 10mA, Programmable 1.8V/0.4VSilicon Verified
CoreBIASI16u1AXH180 XH180BIASCentral Current Bias 12x16uASilicon Verified
CoreBIASV1V51AXH180 XH180BIASSignal Ground Bias Voltage, TunableSilicon Verified
CoreBIASV0to3V1AXH180 XH180BIASVoltage Bias Generator, 0V to 3V, 6bitSilicon Verified
CoreBIASV2V2V51AXH180 XH180BIASVoltage Bias Generator, 2V & 2.5VSilicon Verified
CoreBIASV0V6to1V41AXH180 XH180BIASVoltage Bias Generator, 0.6V to 1.4V, 6bitSilicon Verified
CoreADC16bSAR1AXH180 XH180ADCAnalog-to-Digital Converter, SARSilicon Verified
CoreDAC16b1AXH180 XH180DACCapacitive DACs, 16bit (1d+7b+8b)Silicon Verified
CoreCMPOOC38M1AXH180 XH180CMPComparator, Fmax 38.4MHzSilicon Verified
CoreP2S8b600M1AXH180 XH180P2SParallel to Serial Converter, 8b, Fmax 600MHzSilicon Verified
CoreIFLVDSDR1AXH180 XH180IFLVDS interface Driver, Fmax 600MHzSilicon Verified
CoreIFSLVSDR1AXH180 XH180IFSLVS Interface Driver, Fmax 600MHzSilicon Verified
CoreTSENS1AXH180 XH180TSENSTemperature Sensor, voltage outputSilicon Verified
CoreMUXDC16to11AXH180 XH180MUXMultiplexer 2x 16 to 1Silicon Verified
CoreOPA1AXH180 XH180OPAOperational amplifierSilicon Verified
CoreOPAR2R1AXH180 XH180OPARail-To-Rail Operational AmplifierSilicon Verified
CoreDECOH6b1AXH180 XH180DECBinary to One-hot coder, 6bitSilicon Verified
CoreDECOH4b1AXH180 XH180DECBinary to One-hot coder, 4bitSilicon Verified
CoreBGEXT1V21AXP180 XP180BGVoltage Reference with Cext Option, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO104V01AXP180 XP180LDORegulator, Tunable, 10mA, 4VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO101V81AXP180 XP180LDORegulator, 10mA, 1.8VSilicon Verified
CoreBIASI16u1AXP180 XP180BIASCentral Current Bias 6x16uASilicon Verified
CoreBIASVR2R1AXP180 XP180BIASVoltage Bias Generator, 6bit Tunable, rail to railSilicon Verified
CoreBIASV2V1AXP180 XP180BIASVoltage Bias Generator, TunableSilicon Verified
CoreADC17bSAR1AXP180 XP180ADCAnalog-to-Digital Converter, 17bit SARSilicon Verified
CoreDAC17b1AXP180 XP180DACCapacitive DACs, 17bit (1d+8b+8b)Silicon Verified
CoreCMPOOC20M1AXP180 XP180CMPComparator, Fmax 20MHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCOSGB25V SGB25VCHIPCoreVCO: High-Performance Radiation Hard SiGe VCOs, 0.8 .. 7.5 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreBGEXT1V21ASGB25V SGB25VBGVoltage Reference with Cext Option, 1.2VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO504V81ASGB25V SGB25VLDORegulator, Tunable, 50mA, 4.8VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO503V31ASGB25V SGB25VLDORegulator, Tunable, 50mA, 3.3VSilicon Verified
CoreLDO502V51ASGB25V SGB25VLDORegulator, 50mA, 2.5VSilicon Verified
CoreVCO2G01ASGB25V SGB25VVCOPMOS VCO 2.5V, 1.7-2.2 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO2G41ASGB25V SGB25VVCOPMOS VCO 2.5V, 2.1-2.6 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO2G81ASGB25V SGB25VVCOPMOS VCO 2.5V, 2.5-3.1 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO3G41ASGB25V SGB25VVCOPMOS VCO 2.5V, 3.0-3.7 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO3G31ASGB25V SGB25VVCOBJT VCO 4.8V + 2.5V, 2.9-3.6 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO4G11ASGB25V SGB25VVCOBJT VCO 4.8V + 2.5V, 3.4-4.8 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO5G21ASGB25V SGB25VVCOBJT VCO 4.8V + 2.5V, 4.5-5.9 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreVCO6G21ASGB25V SGB25VVCOBJT VCO 4.8V + 2.5V, 4.5-7.8 GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDIV48G1ASGB25V SGB25VDIVRF ECL divider, 3.3V + 2.5V, 8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreBUFEXT8G1ASGB25V SGB25VBUFRF Output buffer, 3.3V + 2.5V, 8GHzSilicon Verified
CoreDETPK1ASGB25V SGB25VDETDifferential High swing peak detector (5-14Vppd)Silicon Verified
CoreCMP10M1ASGB25V SGB25VCMPDifferential difference amplifier, 10MHzSilicon Verified
CoreDCDCTS180 TS180CHIPCoreDCDC: High-Performance DCDC for Power managementSilicon Verified
CoreDRVBPSNK1ATS180 TS180DRVOutput driver stage for DCDCSilicon Verified
CoreCMPF1ATS180 TS180CMPFast feedback comparatorSilicon Verified
CoreCMPH1ATS180 TS180CMPComparator for hysteretic modeSilicon Verified
CoreCMPCLK1ATS180 TS180CMPComparator for clock timing controlSilicon Verified
CoreAMPHLD3V71ATS180 TS180AMPFeedback Error amplifierSilicon Verified
CoreOSC4M1ATS180 TS180OSCRC Oscillator, 3MHz/4MHzSilicon Verified
CoreDETZCDOCP1ATS180 TS180DETNMOS Zero Crossing detectorSilicon Verified
CoreDETSSOCP1ATS180 TS180DETPMOS 1.5A Over Current ProtectionSilicon Verified
CoreRAMPSUMREF1ATS180 TS180RAMPRamp generatorSilicon Verified
CoreDLY40n1ATS180 TS180DLYRising edge delay cell for control circuits, 40nsSilicon Verified
CoreDLY20n1ATS180 TS180DLYRising edge delay cell for control circuits, 20nsSilicon Verified
CoreDLY10n1ATS180 TS180DLYRising edge delay cell for control circuits, 10nsSilicon Verified
CoreDLYTON1ATS180 TS180DLYTON delay cell for hysteretic mode functionSilicon Verified
CoreBIASVDAC1ATS180 TS180BIASBG Voltage bias generator, 1.0V to 1,5VSilicon Verified
CoreBIASI0u51ATS180 TS180BIASCentral Current Bias 12x0.5uASilicon Verified
CoreMUXDC32to11ATS180 TS180MUXTestmux 5bitSilicon Verified
CoreDETD1ATS180 TS180DETDual voltage detector , 3.7V supplySilicon Verified
CoreDIGASYNCSYNC1ATS180 TS180DIGDigital controller for DCDC, asynchronous & synchronous partsSilicon Verified

Our design philosophy emphasizes high quality and high performance