Custom Antenna Design Service

Antenna Development: From design to verification and measurement

Antennas are central in IoT’s growth, requiring compact, cost-effective, and high-performing solutions.

At CoreHW, we specialize in antenna design for various applications, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, to upcoming trends such as 6G. Our expertise extends beyond communication, covering radar systems and sensors.

With experienced designers, we tailor antennas to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance, compliance with regulatory requirements, and streamlined production, saving your time and resources.

Examples of Our Projects in Antenna Design

antenna designers

Antenna Modules

Bluetooth Low Energy® Direction finding antenna modules

Chip antenna

Chip Antenna

Chip Antenna components and RF front-end ICs with Chip Antenna integrated to PCB for Bluetooth Low Energy and GNSS

tag antenna

Tag Antennas

Tag Antennas for Bluetooth Low Energy Direction Finding

PCB antennas

PCB Antennas

PCB Antennas for Wi-Fi 6E & UWB / 2.4GHz and Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy

Design Expertise

Our highly experienced antenna team works closely with the PCB team. They collaborate with you to assess essential antenna characteristics and performance factors, including product architecture, frequency band, gain, pattern shaping, radiation efficiency, and form factors.

With extensive expertise, we specialize in designing, testing, and production of antennas spanning from low band VHF frequencies to 80 GHz, ensuring the optimal solution for your antenna needs.

RF and Antenna PCB Designers

PCB technology allows the integration of RF transceivers and other electronics with antennas in a cost effective manner from inexpensive products, like IoT, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi up to mmWave antenna arrays operating above 60GHz. Our Antenna and PCB designers work together for efficient and robust designs for maximum RF performance.

antenna designers

Virtual Antenna Co-Design

We design antenna through virtual methodologies and 3D simulations. Iterative co-design streamlines collaboration among diverse teams, while cost-effective simulations replace multiple hardware rounds, resulting in optimized performance and innovation.

antenna design

3D Printed Prototypes

We leverage 3D printing extensively during prototyping for iterative testing, accelerated speed, and cost reduction, enhancing our design and development processes.

3d printing antenna prototype

Advantages of CoreHW Antenna Design Service

Low Power Consumption

Efficient energy utilization for prolonged device battery life.

Compact Size

Space-efficient designs for small devices, balancing size and excellent performance.


Antennas built with robust materials to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Noise Reduction

Co-design antenna and PCB for noise reduction, optimizing against interferences.

measurement chamber

Starting from the initial prototype stage and extending to conformance testing, CoreHW’s measurement systems and software enable swift and efficient execution of antenna measurements and device testing. 

Our Tools


CST Studio Suite

Antenna, package and PCB

Optenni Lab

Optenni Lab

Altium Designer

Altium Designer

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