We enable things beyond possible.

We enable things beyond possible.

Interested in career at CoreHW? This is what we are about.

At CoreHW, we have a helping attitude. Enabling is the essence of the company, which means we work hard to make things possible, easy and practical for our customers. And vice versa: by no means are we to complicate things. We are honest in our actions. By sharing we can learn and innovate more and discover solutions faster.

We embrace challenges and overcome obstacles. We are experts in our field, and it is our expertise that makes things easy for our customer. We are always part of a bigger picture be it customer’s project, product, or technology – or even a new way of experiencing things.

Our purpose is to innovate and excel

We don’t just enable ­– we enable things beyond possible. We solve such challenging problems that only true experts can do it. We create components of the future, extraordinary and incredible things yet to be imagined. We fearlessly take on new challenges and offer new solutions. We are curious and never settle for minimum requirements. We always strive to exceed expectations and set the bar higher than others – and then cross it together.

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Come work with us!

We are more interested in finding the right experts than just filling a certain position. The tasks and responsibilities change from time to time anyway. Moreover, we always love to hear about people who can fill a need that does not even exist yet.

Send an open application to work@corehw.com, and tell us about yourself, your experience and what motivates you.


What do we do and what do we believe in? Let’s hear it from our employees.

CoreHW is an honest, flexible and low-hierachy company. We are innovative, ambitious and future-oriented and we offer a challenging and inspiring working environment for our employees.

But don’t just believe what we say. Take a look at our colleagues’ statements and let them speak for themselves.

What we promise

Innovate and challenge yourself

Mind-bending projects and possibility to develop innovative integrated circuits and solutions. Possibility to steer your work towards your interests.

How our employees see us

Inspiration every day

“It’s fascinating to participate in development of company’s own products.”

“We have different kinds of customers and the duration of projects varies, which makes our work versatile.”

“I joined CoreHW because I knew they deliver high quality to their customers.”

What we promise

Develop your expertise

Possibility for continuous learning, especially by doing something challenging and expanding your limits.

How our employees see us

Opportunity to grow

“The tasks are versatile and I have the chance to do different parts of the IC design flow.”

“At CoreHW, I’ve learned more in three months than previously in three years.”

What we promise

Collaborate with the best

Extremely motivated colleagues with comprehensive industry experience. Team players who are always ready to share their expertise and challenge each other from time to time.

How our employees see us

The winning team

“People at CoreHW are true experts. I was excited to join the crew.”

“My colleagues have helped and supported me from the beginning.”

What we promise

Supporting openness and transparency

Low hierarchy and low bureaucracy, relaxed atmosphere and honesty.

How our employees see us

Equality and trust

“The CEO’s door is always open.”

“Information about projects and business is openly shared as much as possible.”

What we promise

Trust and be trusted

People-oriented and flexible work environment – we want to understand your desires at work and respect your life also outside CoreHW.

How our employees see us

People are at the core

“You can choose to focus on technical topics or work in the customer front based on your own interests.”

“I love our flexible work hours. I can come early and leave early, which suits my weekly schedules.”

“Good fringe benefits.”

“When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to going to work.”

What we expect from you:

  • You are a true expert – or desire to become one.
  • Customer orientation – even though we love technologies, we love adding value to our customers more.
  • You are a team player – the greatest achievements are not accomplished alone. We are always ready to share expertise and support each other. We are not afraid to ask for help when needed.
  • Curiosity and flexibility – you want to find solutions, also completely new ones. Sometimes it means bending the boundaries instead of sticking to routines.

    Connect with us

    In case you want to chat with us before sending your application, just fill in the contact form and we will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    HRD & Communication Manager
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    Director of Operations
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    Principal RFIC Design Engineer
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    Head Office Tampere

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    Email: info@corehw.com
    Mobile: Tomi-Pekka Takalo, CEO & Partner +358 40 35 45 880

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    Mobile: Tomi Moilanen, Sales Director +358 40 517 0059

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