Analog, Mixed-Signal and RFIC Design Engineers

About this role

Inspired on complex integrated circuits? Willing to learn fine engineering art?

CoreHW is looking for Mixed-signal, Analog and RFIC Design Engineers to Finland (Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Helsinki) and Estonia (Tallinn).

IC design engineer is responsible for designing advanced integrated circuits to customers worldwide and for CoreHW products.

CoreHW is focused in the development of IC’s for IoT, wireless communication and sensor interfaces. The IC design engineer will be part of an IC team which offers high-quality full custom ICs and IPs with state of the art technologies and performance.

What we expect from you

  • Simulating and modeling integrated circuits at high level
  • Implement specifications for the RFIC subsystems and circuits
  • Develop integrated circuits in state of the art processes
  • Performing IC floor planning and layout
  • Modeling of package and external parasitic components
  • Evaluate and characterize prototypes of the design
  • Characterize and analyze full IC design performance
  • Assist in the development of automated test equipment for lab measurements


  • BSc, MSc, Ph.D. degree in an engineering discipline with an emphasis in Mixed signal integrated circuits or RFIC design
  • Experience with simulation tools e.g. Cadence, Spice, Matlab
  • Experience with EM simulation tools
  • Experience with Experience with LDOs, DC-DC, ADC, DAC, PMIC, MSIC designs
  • Experience with mixed signal and radio related test equipment such as spectrum analyzers, vector signal analyzers, vector signal generator, network analyzers
  • Experience characterizing IC performance
  • Experience in digital communication systems, spread spectrum, single and multi-carrier techniques and modulation schemes

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Analog, RF and Microwave circuit design skills, and have experience performing analysis and simulation of both linear and non-linear circuits such as phase-locked loops, modulators, oscillators, mixers, filters, low noise and power amplifiers
  • Good understanding of semiconductor physics
  • Knowledge of RF transceiver architectures
  • Digital communication theory

Please send your CV and open application to

If you have any questions about the position or the application process, you can contact