Exploring the Advantages of RTLS in Healthcare

RTLS Benefits in Healthcare

Increased Efficiency

By equipping staff with wearable tags, healthcare providers can monitor their movements in real-time. This facilitates automated record-keeping for compliance, ensures adequate patient coverage, and improves time management, all leading to improved patient throughput, increased staff efficiency and lower costs.

staff tracking in helathcare-nurses

Enhanced Patient Care

Automated and accurate location awareness, with real-time alerting, allows for the creation of safe zones and movement detection for high-risk patients, ensuring safer outcomes and shorter hospital stays.

CoreHW RTLS patient tracking

Critical asset tracking

A real-time asset tracking solution removes the guess work from knowing the last known location of high-value and life-saving critical equipment, helping to reduce time spent on unnecessary searches and avoiding redundant equipment expenses, thus optimizing asset utilization and improving capital efficiency.

The CoreHW Solution

CoreHW offers full turnkey hardware options, along with positioning algorithms and software APIs, that enable healthcare solution providers to quickly and easily integrate the most accurate RTLS solutions available today with their customer-facing tools and dashboards.

corehw RTLS offering architecture
AoA asset tags


Asset Tracking Applications

AoA personnel tags


People Tracking Applications

Key Features of CoreHW's Offering for RTLS

Spot-on Accuracy

Achieve industry-leading position accuracy down to +/-10cm of precision


The CoreHW system can be easily scaled, allowing it to meet evolving needs.


Patented Technologies

Our patented antenna and IC technologies are at the heart of our industry-leading accuracy.

Cost Effective

Our turnkey solutions provide faster time-to-revenue with lower up-front investment.

Flexible, Customizable

With power and data comm options, user-configured tag profiles, and white-label options, our solution is flexible to your unique needs.

Automated, Continuous Tracking

CoreHW’s offering enables fully automated, continuous tracking with extremely lower power consumption compared to RFID, barcodes, UWB and other technologies.

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