CoreHW mmWave PLL IP

CoreHW mmWave PLL comprises a high accuracy fractional N PLL frequency synthesizer with low noise VCO capable to synthesize low phase noise carrier for demanding wireless communication networks as well as fast chirp FMCW waveforms for various radar systems.

The PLL fundamentally operates at 19.00-20.15 GHz and frequency multipliers convert the waveform to radar frequency bands at 38-40.5 GHz and 76-81 GHz. The architecture is highly scalable and PLL IP can be customized to various mmwave wireless communication frequency bands.

  1. Process technology: GF 22FDX™
  2. Metal stack: 10M_2Mx_5Cx_1Jx_2Qx_LB(Option_19)
  3. Supply Voltages: 0.8 V / 1.2 V (IOs) & 1.2 V (RF)
  4. Integrated Bandgap (600 mV), LDOs (800 mV)
  5. Current consumption: <120 mA
  6. Operating temperatures: Ambient: -40 to +125 °C; Junction: -40 to +150 °C

mmwave PLL IP block diagram


  • Fractional-N PLL with Radar Chirp
  • Integrated Bandgap, LDOs and LPF
  • Integrated frequency multipliers 2x [4x]
  • RF frequency range 38-40.5 GHz [76-81 GHz at 4x]
  • RF frequency bandwidth 2 GHz [4 GHz at 4x]
  • Fundamental VCO frequency range 19.0-20.25 GHz
  • Chirp bandwidth 1 GHz at VCO [4 GHz at 4x]
  • Linear frequency chirp generator with chirp rate of 7.50 – 75 MHz/µs at VCO frequency
  • Saw-tooth and triangle wave chirp modes
  • SPI interface for control and test
  • Built-in sequencer, calibration and self-test
  • VCO Phase Noise -109 dBc/Hz at 1MHz offset
  • Low jitter <150 fs
  • IP size: X <1.1 mm Y <1.15 mm (IP area: ~1,13 mm2)
  • Automotive standards: AEC-Q100 Grade 1; ISO 26262 Level B


  • CDL Netlist (MG Calibre Compatible)
  • Functional Verilog Model
  • Liberty timing models (.lib)
  • LEF
  • Application Note


  • Automotive: Radar devices
  • Telecommunication: 5G networks
  • Connectivity
  • mm-wave wireless communication

Available during H1/2022 on GlobalFoundries® IP Catalog