CoreHW mmWave PLL Evaluation Kit

For CorePLL80G1AGF22

mmWave PLL Evaluation Kit (Out of Stock)

The mmWave phase-locked loop (PLL) evaluation kit provides a comprehensive set of hardware, software, and documentation that enables users to quickly evaluate the performance of the CorePLL80G1AGF22 and develop solutions that meet their specific needs. 

Documentation package

The documentation package includes a user guide and a CoreHW mmWave PLL IP datasheet.

The user guide includes instructions on how to set up the PLL for measurements and how to use the software package, which includes a GUI and pre-defined test states. It provides a detailed description of the available test states. The PLL IP datasheet provides technical information on the mmWave PLL IP, including its features, specifications, and performance characteristics.

Hardware package

Setting up a mmWave PLL for measurements requires a mmWave PLL evaluation board, a custom Arduino UNO header board, an Arduino UNO board, and a type-A-to-type-B USB cable. These components are included in the hardware package.

mmwave evaluation kit

mmWave PLL Evaluation PCB

Header PCB and Arduino UNO board

Header PCB and Arduino UNO Board

Software package

The evaluation kit provides a software package that includes a graphical user interface and a set of pre-defined test states for the evaluation board. The test states are summarized in the documentation, and users can select a test state from the drop-down menu in the GUI after connecting the included Arduino UNO board to a PC and selecting the appropriate COM port. The available test modes are thoroughly explained in the documentation.