CoreHW Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

CoreHW RTLS Offering

CoreHW’s RTLS (Real-time Locating Systems) incorporates both Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) methods for precise direction finding calculations.

It employs the AoA positioning algorithm to detect the specific direction of incoming signals and accurately determine the position of AoA tags. This technology enhances the precision of conventional solutions, achieving an accuracy of down to 10cm (4 in), depending on the implementation environment.

CoreHW’s technology seamlessly integrates with devices that support Bluetooth® 5.1 (or higher) and direction finding, including AoA tags.

This system could be valuable for organizations seeking to enhance their indoor navigation and tracking capabilities.

aoa angle of arrival rtls

AoA Evaluation Kit

The angle of arrival (AoA) technology consists of locators, tags, positioning engine, firmware, and a GUI. The AoA tags send direction-finding signals to locators throughout the tracking area. Locators with multiple antennas receive direction finding signals from tags, allowing the engine to determine the 3D location of tagged assets using the positioning algorithm.

aod angle of departure rtls

AoD Technology

The angle of departure (AoD) technology utilizes AoD beacons that transmit a direction finding signal using an antenna array. The receiving device, such as a smartphone or a robot, with a single antenna, calculates the signal direction and its own position based on multiple angle calculations.

CoreHW's RTLS Capabilities

Indoor Wayfinding

Asset Tracking

People Tracking

Space Optimization

Location Based

Collision Avoidance

Proximity Marketing

Analytics & BI

CoreHW's RTLS Features

High Accuracy

CoreHW’s real-time location system can pinpoint a target’s location with a high level of accuracy down to 10 centimeter (4 inch), depending on the environment.

Low Power​ Consumption

AoA tags provide an extended battery lifespan, typically spanning up to 10 years.

Low Cost

Employable within Bluetooth Low Energy solutions, CoreHW’s offer presents the most cost-effective option for devices, systems, and installation compared to alternatives.

Compact Dimensions

CoreHW’s tags come in different shapes and sizes, some as small as a wristwatch, making them highly adaptable.

Broad Ecosystem

A broad ecosystem evolved around devices compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 (or higher) and direction finding.

Effortless Setup

Our system features straightforward installation and calibration process, as well as its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.

Components of Our RTLS

RF Switch

Antenna Module

Locators and Beacons


Graphical Display (GUI)

Position Engine