CoreHW Announces mmWave GF 22FDX™ PLL  IP  

mmwave pll ip

CoreHW’s new automotive compliant mmWave PLL frequency synthesizer IP is changing your experience of using wireless technology. This customizable IP promises unlimited applications and use cases to automotive and telecommunication industries. Some of the major applications of this IP are:

  • 5G and mmWave Transceiver
  • Automotive: Radar devices
    • Anti-collision
    • Distance meter
    • Velocity (speed) meter
  • Broadband communication systems
  • Point-to-point communications systems
  • Mobile radios
  • Wireless infrastructure equipment
  • Wireless communicationg
  • Aerospace and Defence

What are the main advantages of CoreHW mmWave PLL IP?

The cost-effective IP block is designed by using GF 22FDX™ fabrication process with FDSOI technology to provide superior performance. Our IP brings a significant benefits to our customers. You can achieve the following advantages by using our IP: 

  • Adjustable IP based on the customer’s requirements  
  • Self-test / calibration IP 
  • On-chip programable features  
  • The smallest silicon area in the market  
  • Automotive compliance   
  • Multipurpose PLL with wide tuning range  
  • Superior Phase Noise performance  
  • Limited external components needed  
  • Lower power consumption   
  • High integration level   

Deliverables and IP Availability

The deliverable items include GDSII, CDL Netlist (MG Calibre Compatible), Functional Verilog Model, Liberty timing models (.lib), LEF, and Application Note. The IP specification is available and it is accessible on GlobalFoundries® IP catalogue. If you are interested in our IP solution , please visit