Silicon Labs Selects CoreHW Advanced Bluetooth AoA Switch for Dual Polarized Antenna Array Pro Kit

Silabs and CoreHW partnership

CoreHW announces that its CHW1010 16×1 antenna switch, supporting Bluetooth 5.1 Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) applications, has been selected by Silicon Labs for their latest Antenna Array Pro Kit.

The CHW1010 RF Switch enables very high direction-finding accuracy for AoA indoor positioning applications, providing the industry’s highest number of phase-matched antenna ports, minimizing component count, board space and RF design complexity.

The CoreHW RF Switch family includes the CHW1010, providing 16 single-ended antenna ports, and the CHW1020 which provides 8 differential antenna ports. Additional benefits include:

• Integrated 50 Ohm antenna terminations reduces needed external components
• Minimized phase mismatch between antenna ports reduces system error
• Single-chip support for 16 antennas reduces board complexity and component count
• Small 4x4mm footprint
• Low power consumption
• Simple GPIO control
• Customization options

“The CHW1010’s support for 16 antenna inputs enabled us to reduce the number of RF switches needed in our antenna array reference design,” said Matt Maupin, Senior Product Marketing Manager for IoT Products at Silicon Labs, Inc.. ”In addition, the reduction in mismatched switch losses and RF signal traces helped us to both simplify the board design and improve our system’s location accuracy.”

The Silicon Labs Dual Polarized Antenna Array Pro Kit is available now.

The CHW1010 RF Switch is available now in full production quantities.

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