Introducing CoreHW’s mmWave PLL Evaluation Kit

mmwave evaluation kit

CoreHW, a leading fabless IC solution provider, announces the release of the mmWave PLL Evaluation Kit, a comprehensive package designed for quick prototyping and evaluation of applications for the CorePLL80G1AGF22. The kit includes hardware, software, and documentation, providing an all-inclusive solution for engineers and researchers looking to evaluate the performance of the mmWave PLL IP […]

CoreHW secures €4M investment to accelerate growth in indoor positioning solutions

corehw indoor location technology products

At CoreHW, we are proud to have developed one of the world’s most accurate and reliable Bluetooth indoor positioning solutions. Our technology has been received positively by customers, who have begun investing in product development and commercialization of their own solutions using our technology. Indoor positioning technology has grown significantly in recent years and is […]

Senior Field Application Engineer

CoreHW is a fabless semiconductor company established in 2013 in Tampere, Finland. For decades, we have been developing Integrated Circuit technologies to shape the future of semiconductor industry in leading telecommunication companies and research hubs. We hold a superior position in designing and supplying super-accurate indoor location technology in key markets. Our solution includes RF […]

Financial Controller

About the job CoreHW is focused on the development of semiconductors for IoT, wireless communication, and sensor interfaces. CoreHW employs currently over 70 experts in semiconductor design and support functions, and was selected as #1 in the Most Inspiring Workplace in Finland survey in 2019 in the category of small organizations. We are now looking […]

Accurate Positioning Systems and Proximity Solutions with CoreHW AoA and AoD Antenna Modules

antenna module

Direction Finding Using Angle of Arrival (AoA) & Angle of Departure (AOD) The Bluetooth-based indoor positioning solutions are becoming more popular technology due to their cost efficiency, low positioning errors, few necessary equipment, and a broad range of applications. In the following, we will introduce CoreHW’s antenna modules, which are the main components of Bluetooth® […]

CoreHW Celebrates 10th Anniversary

corehw 10th year anniversary

For years, CoreHW has committed to developing, implementing and promoting Integrated Circuit technologies to ensure safer and more connected world by empowering innovators across the globe. Our core values have been our common belief to continually foster learning and innovation by: • We do what we promise and always a bit more! • Flexible as bamboo! […]

Discover CoreHW at CES and Automotive World 2023

CES 2023

From 5th to 8th January 2023, we will take part in CES 2023 in Las Vegas. As the most influential tech event in the world, it provides a ground for breakthrough technologies and brings together the global innovators. CoreHW will be, also, attending Automotive World Show in Japan, 25th to 27th January 2023. We look […]

Silicon Labs Selects CoreHW Advanced Bluetooth AoA Switch for Dual Polarized Antenna Array Pro Kit

Silabs and CoreHW partnership

CoreHW announces that its CHW1010 16×1 antenna switch, supporting Bluetooth 5.1 Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) applications, has been selected by Silicon Labs for their latest Antenna Array Pro Kit. The CHW1010 RF Switch enables very high direction-finding accuracy for AoA indoor positioning applications, providing the industry’s highest number of phase-matched antenna ports, […]

Digital IC Design Engineer

About this role CoreHW is looking for Digital IC Design Engineers to Finland (Tampere, Turku, Oulu and Helsinki) and Estonia (Tallinn). CoreHW is focused in the development of IC’s for IoT, wireless communication and sensor interfaces. As a digital IC design engineer, you will be responsible for designing advanced integrated circuits to customers worldwide and […]

Analog, Mixed-Signal and RFIC Design Engineers

About this role Inspired on complex integrated circuits? Willing to learn fine engineering art? CoreHW is looking for Mixed-signal, Analog and RFIC Design Engineers to Finland (Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Helsinki) and Estonia (Tallinn). IC design engineer is responsible for designing advanced integrated circuits to customers worldwide and for CoreHW products. CoreHW is focused in the […]