Arm custom chip seminar in Paris, Wednesday 27th June 2018


Learn how to get a custom chip from concept to production.

We invite you to join a free seminar by Arm and its partners on June 27, Palaiseau, France, Centre d’intégration Nano-INNOV.

Creating your own silicon has so many benefits – enhancing your product, reducing costs, and improving margins, to name a few. Custom silicon isn’t just for traditional silicon companies though – many OEM and product companies are already reaping these benefits. There is an opportunity for many more – coupling existing power-efficient architectures with mixed-signal technologies.

At this seminar, Arm and its partners will establish the rationale (technically and financially) for designing your own custom device, as well as show you the right path to make that device a reality. You will hear from, and be able to talk to, Arm, CoreHW, and other Arm ecosystem partners.

In the seminar, CoreHW will be looking at how radio and antenna can be designed and added to your product.