CoreHW releases IP library with over 200 IP

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We are proud to release CoreHW IP library with over 200 silicon verified IP. Silicon proven solutions allow fast end-product development and implementation. The IP library gives a comprehensive look to our IP range and makes it easier and faster for you to start your ASIC design process.

The IP listed in the library are developed with several Silicon Foundries for various process nodes, for example: 22nm FDX, 40 nm CMOS, 130nm RFSOI and 180nm CMOS. Silicon IP include solutions for imaging, Bluetooth and IoT, WiFi, among other various application areas.

We offer several licensing model options: white box or black box, single use – multi use. We also offer support in IP integration and customization.

Examples of our IP solutions include:

  • CorePLL, High Performance 6GHz synthesizer, Synthesizer for LTE Carrier Aggregation systems
  • High Resolution 16b SAR ADC for imaging solution
  • RF Front End for Bluetooth and IOT solutions
  • Receiver for WiFi Front-End
  • High Efficiency DCDC system for Power management ICs
  • Tunable regulators, Band Gap references, Operational amplifiers, comparators, Level shifters, and Digital control and Interface IP

Full IP library is available at

For requests and more information, please don’t hesitate to contact

Tero Kainulainen
Senior Manager,  Business Development