IC, IoT and 5G

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No newsflash here: the global business environment is hyping around mega trends IoT and 5G. Today’s technologic and economic situation has reached a point where trends are ready to be transformed from prototypes to everyday usage. And what do these trends have to do with integrated circuits? Essentially, a lot.


All physical devices with wireless connectivity require Modem, Transceiver, and RF Front End chips. Custom chips affect intelligent devices’ processing and data transmission capabilities, that is the amount of information that can be gathered and redirected in sensors and devices, and ensure simultaneously that the process is power-saving, cost-effective and high-performative. Custom chips are major enablers when visions are implemented into everyday usage. When we think of how integrated circuits and their development affected the size and performance of mobile phones, and how mobile connectivity has revolutionized our everyday lives, IoT solutions with advanced ICs will most likely, or most definitely, have the capability to change our lives on an even greater scale.

Hardware business can, therefore, be a hot growth business. First IoT chipset solutions are already entering the market. When it comes to 5G, the development processes are steaming to bring 5G network to commercial use by 2020. Parallel to 5G and IoT solutions, the more traditional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are evolving as well, with Bluetooth aiming for broader range and Wi-Fi for low power.

We are going through an era of change. On the other hand, there are many questions about protocols and standards, along with myths and even unfillable promises related to the new technologies. Then again, a lot can and should be expected: in the evolving IoT world the number of potential application areas will increase exponentially and offer completely new operations models and applications for people, for example in the automotive, medical and health care fields.


At CoreHW, we are excited to meet the design possibilities these new as well as existing evolving technologies pose. In our work, we see a great demand for expert RFIC design service solutions. Demand for CoreHW’s specialized knowledge has increased steadily and we have established good partnerships in Europe, USA and Eastern world. The need for high-quality RF solutions is global, and our service portfolio is refined to meet our customers’ needs. Seen the needs we have met on the field, we are concentrating more on providing turnkey chip design solutions and developing our own products. We have also continued to invest in a comprehensive tools kit of our own and can, therefore, produce unique custom chip components and solutions for all customers, also for those without their own IC team or know-how.

In the beginning of last year, we set the target to grow the company profitably in 2016. Anybody can agree it’s a good challenge in general, as investing in growth often eats profitability. Nonetheless, CoreHW achieved this target and even exceeded the original expectations. 2016 was a successful year: compared to 2015, both the turnover and the company’s workforce doubled in 2016. This year, we are facing the possibilities of new wireless connectivity with the force of a steadily growing company and state-of-the-art solutions. We continue to offer our customers top-quality results (did you know that for example our frequency synthesizer solution is proven to be world top?) and outstanding customer service (to date, we hold a 100 % customer retention rate).

Do you have a vision or a concrete target you want to accomplish? Contact us and let’s discuss how to make it into reality.