Despite the coronavirus situation we will continue to serve our clients as before


We are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone from our families to our businesses. As the situation continues to affect our world, we wanted to update you on how we’re supporting our employees and customers.

To ensure the safety of our employees and customers

• All of our employees have been strongly encouraged to work from home. Only essential tasks that cannot be done elsewhere are done at the office, as it’s not yet restricted in Finland

• We have ensured that our people have right tools to work from home and stay connected with their co-workers and clients

• All meetings will be held through conference and video calls

• We’ve restricted all domestic and international business travel except trips that are critical to business continuity

• We have cancelled all our event participations

Despite these unique times all our projects progress normally and delivery schedules have not changed. We will do our best to keep the situation same in the future. In case of any delays we will inform our clients immediately.

If you have questions about our business, please do not hesitate to contact us.