Introducing CoreHW’s mmWave PLL Evaluation Kit

mmwave evaluation kit

CoreHW, a leading fabless IC solution provider, announces the release of the mmWave PLL Evaluation Kit, a comprehensive package designed for quick prototyping and evaluation of applications for the CorePLL80G1AGF22. The kit includes hardware, software, and documentation, providing an all-inclusive solution for engineers and researchers looking to evaluate the performance of the mmWave PLL IP and develop custom solutions.

The kit comes with an evaluation board, a header board, an Arduino UNO board, and a USB cable for easy setup. The software package includes a GUI application and pre-defined test states for the evaluation board, and the documentation provides detailed instructions on usage, setup, and test states.

To learn more about the CoreHW mmWave PLL Evaluation Kit and its capabilities, visit mmWave PLL Evaluation Kit page or contact our sales team.