Chip Products
  • CHW1010: SP16T RF Switch
  • CHW1020: SP8T Differential RF Switch
  • CHW20x0: GNSS Active Antenna
  • CHW30x0: 2.4 GHz FE
Direction Finding
  • Antennas
  • Reference design
  • Demo kits
  • Algorithms for cm level positioning accuracy
IC Design Service
  • Full Turnkey Design Service
  • Analog and mixed-signal
  • RF
  • mmWave
  • Digital
  • Antenna

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Design solutions and over 200 IP portfolio

Full Turnkey IC Design

Full Turnkey IC design, RF, mmWave, Analog, Mixed-Signal, and Testing. 

System design

A comprehensive knowledge in finding the best solution for system and circuit architecture. We use tools and expertise from system standard to IC specification. 

Antenna, RF/HW/FW design

Develop and test complete RF system solutions and modules. Our team has extensive experience on handset and base station RF product design.

Layout design

We understand which components, nets, connections and/or placements require layout for accurate matching and RF properties.


We characterize our designs with custom automated test system.

IP Portfolio

Over 200 semiconductor IPs for RF and Analog-Mixed Signal designs. 

Product Categories

RF Switches

CoreHW CHW10x0 as a chip product family has Bluetooth® applications. It enables Bluetooth® devices to determine the direction of a Bluetooth® signal transmission with an accurate direction-finding necessary for Bluetooth® 5.1 Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) indoor positioning feature.



2.4 GHz FE

CoreHW CHW30x0 is a chip product family targeted for Bluetooth®, Zigbee, Thread and 2.4GHz ISM bands. CoreHW 2.4GHz FE family provides a high-efficient PA and a LNA functioning. It also contains Chip Antenna (CoreCap) with superior antenna efficiency, tolerances and temperature stability. It is designed for e.g. wireless audio, trackers, smart home, access points/gateways, asset management and process industry.

GNSS Active Antenna

CoreHW CHW20x0 is a chip product family targeted for positioning with satellite technologies. CoreHW GNSS LNA family
comprises both a Chip Antenna (CoreCap) and a LNA. It will boost GNSS performance for accuracy and faster fix times. It is designed for e.g. IoT and locating devices, smart watches and security bracelets, personal navigation devices and gadgets, imaging, video and measuring instruments and anti-theft and telematics services.

Product and Service Leadership for Every Industry


CoreHW provides radiation hard IC solutions to Aerospace industry.


CoreHW improves your customer experience with the next level of innovations applied in retail automation, proximity marketing, on-the-go transaction and inventory management.


CoreHW IC solutions enable new capabilities including 5G, mmwave radar and sensor applications in passenger cars and other vehicles.

Smart Factory

We offer IoT including AoA and AoD technology to help industrial manufacturers towards Industry 4.0 to reach higher visibility in manufacturing, more flexibility, and asset reliability.


CoreHW technology strengthens short-range connectivity enabling excellent consumer audio and tracking experience. Our GNSS technology greatly improves location accuracy and fix time.

Smart Home & Home Security

CoreHW enhances the way of life by offering the latest and highly accurate IC solutions applied in home monitoring systems, connected appliances, and smart locks.


CoreHW offers IC solutions to hospitals and healthcare centers to track and protect individuals and staff, implement social distancing, wearable electronics, and monitor assets.


Our technology delivers cost-effective, high bandwidth, low power consumption and compact solutions enabling new 5G base stations, smartphones and IoT devices.

Join our team – we're hiring.

We are looking for a highly skilled sales professional to lead and grow a team which is responsible for the sales of CoreHW products to customers worldwide.

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