Mass production of CoreHW RF Switch has started

CoreHW RF Switch has passed qualification according to JEDEC JESD22-A108 standard. The mass production of the RF Switch has started and CoreHW is already receiving POs for 2021.

CoreHW RF Switch enables very high direction-finding accuracy needed especially for Bluetooth® 5.1 Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) indoor positioning feature. Using several beacons, the switch enables direction-finding also in 3D. Outdoors, CoreHW RF Switch complements existing location-finding technologies. Its key benefits include a small footprint with a clever design, making several previously needed components redundant. A high number of phase-matched antenna ports combined with a simple GPIO interface make it suitable for the cost-sensitive Bluetooth market.

Engineering samples of CoreHW RF Switch have been available since summer. CoreHW offers also a complete indoor-positioning demo-kit to facilitate the design and testing of end-user applications. With the demo-kit, customers can evaluate the antenna switch in their own application area and environment.

Initial product launch selection includes: 

• SP16TS 16-port single-ended RF switch with 50 Ω antenna termination
• SP8TD 8-port differential RF switch with 50 Ω antenna termination
• Customization possible for other antenna types, and terminations, and AoA and AoD options
• Switch is suitable for the frequency range of 2.4 GHz ISM Band

To place your order now for 2021, and for quatations and orders of a demo-kit, please contact:

or Tomi Moilanen,
Director of Sales
p. +358 40 517 0059

See our video presentation of the demo-kit in CoreHW YouTube